Do Not Sell My Info

Welcome to our portal for submitting California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) Do Not Sell My Info requests. Under the CCPA, California residents are provided certain rights in relation to their personal information. For more information about your CCPA rights and our data practices relating to your personal information, please review our Privacy Notice here.

Your Opt Out Rights

You have a right to request that we do not sell your personal information to third parties, for such third parties’ own commercial purposes, on a going forward basis. We may share your personal information with third parties in ways which constitute a “sale” under CCPA through the following ways:

  1. Advertisements and Content Based on Cross-Site Tracking By Third Parties and Others (“Cross-Site Tracking”): Third parties and others, such as ad networks, ad exchanges and social media platforms, serve you targeted advertisements and content on our digital services and through our newsletters based on the tracking of your activities across the internet over time. This tracking typically involves the sharing of data collected by cookies and similar tools; and/or
  2. Marketing and Promotional Partners (“Third-Party Marketing”): We may share your personal information, such as contact information (e.g., name, email address, postal address) and other information with our business partners and others for their own advertising, marketing and other commercial purposes.

You have a right to opt out of either or both of the activities listed above. Please complete one of the forms below to submit your requested opt-out choices. By completing the first form, you will be opting out of both (1) Cross-Site Tracking and (2) Third-Party Marketing. By completing the second form, you will be opting out of only (2) Third-Party Marketing.

Depending on the opt out rights you exercise, you may still see certain ads on our sites and mobile apps, and some data collection will still take place (for example, to detect or prevent fraud or deliver the services you request from us).

Form 1: U.S. Ad-Free Subscription Form

If you choose to opt out of (1) Cross-Site Tracking and (2) Third-Party Marketing but want to continue to access our content on the U.S. magazine brands’ websites and through newsletters listed here, you will be able to do so by purchasing a subscription to access such content in an ad-free experience. This subscription is available monthly for $3.99 or annually for $39. The subscription fee reasonably relates to the value of your personal information.

The U.S. Ad-Free Subscription is different from any other print or digital subscription you may have with us and having such other subscription does not entitle you to the U.S. Ad-Free Subscription. You may cancel your U.S. Ad-Free Subscription at any time.

Please complete the form below to purchase your U.S. Ad-Free Subscription. Any personal information collected on the form directly below will be used for the purpose of processing your subscription.

Select Your U.S. Ad-Free Subscription Fee Option

Form 2: Opting Out Only of Third-Party Marketing

If you only wish to opt out of (2) Third-Party Marketing, you can do so free of charge. If you choose this option, you will continue to receive targeted third-party advertisements and content on our digital services and through our newsletters.

Please note that if after opting out you order a new Hearst Magazine subscription, buy a product, or sign up for a newsletter, your personal information will be collected and used in accordance with the Privacy Notice applicable to the digital service you are interacting with or accessing.